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Haul in Bugis!
Monday, February 18, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
Bugis Street is definitely a teen haven for me!  I just can't resist  going there and getting their goods! 
Me and I went about there and I bought a whole outfit!  :D
AWESOME.  BUGIS STREET IS FOR QUANTITY. But the quality is also ok.
What I had gotten: 
Earrings, Blouse, High waist shorts, Heels!
Seriously,  a whole set. *grins like a maniac* Yahoo~

3 for $5!
Me and I both bought 3 each. We just can't resist the cute cute designs and patterns!
Really can't find it in the usual stores.

Comfy shoes. :D 
Not too high heels too. 
Probably wearing this for 1st March!

A kinda lacey long blouse. 
They don't allow trying. I hoope it looks as good as in the mirror.

High waisted shorts.
I MUST wear leggings under that. 
Too short for my liking.
But cute.
Haha, everything is cute.

But before that me and I  went to SAM to see see.
Saw some beautiful artworks!

In a Chapel within the museum

Just stole my breath away!

Yum Yum!
Chicken and Mushroom Tart + Mushroom Soup in Dome.

And the first online items that I've bought via Qoo10 has arrived! 
There's still one more package: eyeliner.

Now is the time for my metamorphism into the Beauty World~

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