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Sasa haul for my very first makeup!
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s

 It was inside Jurong Point. 

 was just there! The big open space that was incredibly spacious and incredibly huge and bright.It was just. . .  eye catching. And since I needed to buy some makeup *grins* (ah, wonderful excuses) I put my right foot in and my left foot in!

And in the end, after browsing through, I had bought:


BB cream that came in a set. 
SGD 40
Eyebrow filler and Eyeliner.
SGD  8

Mineral Powder and (most importantly) Makeup remover! 
SGD 39

Budget busted!

Ok, anyway. 
Opening the box of BB cream, what I had was

An extra Skin Mist and extra makeup removers.
Well. . . 

Opening Maybelline, 
Mum always like to use this brand for powdering.

 My eye- pencils.

 Placing them all nicely on my shelf.

I also got my eyebrows plucked as a complimentary offer.
Look Ma!
*Upon closer look* Why one up one down one?
Um. *laughs*  Cause I kept asking the makeup artist questions while she was doing it.

My hips looked super big though. FFFFF.

And then here's my question.
I can't decide. 
Which one looks niceR?



I have absolutely no freaking idea!

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