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Chingay Chingay We Are ONE!
Sunday, February 24, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
Have you seen the poster about?
The mask female with snow falling about?


I had the opportunity to attend this FOC!
Because of. . . 

Free Uku! Totally worth my time to participate. 
Nah! That's my lovely turquoise colour~

Plus I did get a very very clear view of the whole thing.
We were sitting in the CENTRE STAGE!
Jealous much? :3

For the 1st Day:
PM and his wife attended.


2nd Day: 
President and wife attended.

We performed at the start. About 7pm.
The ACTUAL parade started at:
So, in essence, we (all the uku players) were there as trailers (like in the cinemas) and
to welcome the GOH. Yup.
So we probably won't be shown on telly, even though we stood on the stage. Boohoo. :P

Milli/Centipede cccccrawwling about. 
Looks like it's gorging on itself. Ummm...

A chicken. It looks like going to be slaughtered.
I'm sorry.
Damn loud, cause it was fired just in front of us, and in front of GOH!

Cockroach feelers.

Cooking Mama!


Heavy and Heavier. Praise them.

And then the original singers of this song (?) came out to sing.

They had nice and deep voices. HAHA.  



Fire in Snow.

Awesome. Just.. Fun.
This experience was actually unexpected. I had NO IDEA that Chingay was like this. Haha.
Never did watch the televised screenings. It was no fun; the sounds, the sights and the feel were off when it wasn't live. BUT. THIS. WAS. LIVE.

A good experience. 

With that, I will sign off
as I reach for the moon and stars.

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