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OOTD + Japanese Lesson!
Monday, February 25, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s

So yoyoyo!
I'm back again. 
This time round, it's about my clothings~

I know this freaking reeks of narcissism. 
But hey. 
After my 5 years of inferiority complex, the least I could do is to enjoy what I have now, okay?
And my skin is NOT AS BAD. Which unfortunately does not mean it is great, but it has never been better (without the help of steroids).

Here goes

Today's trend is High-Waist shorts and Peter Pan collar.
It's the in thing now. 
 Or at least I think it is still in. 
Fashion is a fickle child after all.

Gawd. I look like I have double tummies.
Which may be true. 
Clothes are meant to hide flaws. 
This photo: 

The overall. 

I have a love hate relationship with the print shirt. 
It looks refreshing. 
It makes me look fat.
But it's nice.
But it's fat.
Urg. Women.

And the reason for wearing this is........
Watashi was Edona desu!
Doozo Yoroushiku gozaimasu.

Luckily. I went with my friend there. And luckily it was full-time, daily intensive 3 HOURS course.
Mainly we did speaking aloud. And some 1-10 counting. And Hirigana. 
That was lesson 1. 
Kinnnnnda boring since I know a little Japanese (Otakkkkkkkkku~)
BUT I'm hoping to see myself improving after the term of 15 lessons!
At least we could proceed on quickly!

Tomorrow's a another new day, another new lesson and another day closer to the release of A levels results.

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