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2nd lesson + Maibox!
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
Watashi wa Edona desu.
Ju Hachi sai desu~!
Doozo yoroshiku!

That was the summary of our second lesson.

Hachi ju roku = 86
Ni ju = 20
Ni ju go = 25 (:D)

And finally, I have received what I have actually dreamt of. 

My eyeliners~!
Plus samples. Anti wrinkle. Um... I am just ju hachi sai.

I've tried the liners on my hand. Very creamy and it's like a thick pencil. 
Won't break that easily.
Better than my current one, I think.
Broke up some length of it already. :| 
I am not gentle.

Haha, I am definetely adding onto my makeup collection. 
Just one more product from another online store and then I would have received all of them already!
And thus my first online shopping spree would have been OKAY-ed!

So, for today's lunch, we walked all the way from ~ Ion to Somerset there. All because I wanted
And not just any curry, I want MONSTER CURRY. 

I had been watching that store for a long time.
It's on the top floor of 313. At the Food Republic, near the Teppanyaki restaurant 
(unsure whether can call that a restaurant but anyway..).

 It's Japanese curry and we had just ended Japanese lesson and I have a friend with me. 
What. The. Heck. 
Let's go!

What I had ordered was:

Cheese Pork Katsu Curry.
(Remember all the ingredients inside in the menu)

And I chose Level 2 of Spicyness.

The vibrating disk when it's our turn.

My friend's dish. Creamy pasta with egg roe.

That's my dish. 

The funny/weird/cute thing was that the orange colour tasted like a hotter version of Mc's garlic chili.
That was my Level 2 Spiciness.
Yeah, but tolerable.
And mixable, apparently.

Wasn't my dish Cheese Pork Katsu Curry?
Why yes. That was what I had ordered. 
But pray tell, where was one's cheese?
So I went back to the counter and I goooooooottt....
Cheese in a cup. 
Not melted cheese, but Parmesan cheese. In a cup. 
(Never took any photo here because I was disappointed. And eating anyway.)

It was supposed to be melted cheese on top. 
Cue the picture. 

That was why I had paid $0.80 extra.
And you had forgotten to place it in.

I am disappointed.
Probably won't even think about tackling this store ever again.

Till the next time, 
I await the delicious and worthwhile Japanese Curry. 

2 more days till A levels results.

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