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One day before As + Mailbox!
Thursday, February 28, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s

My mailbox today!
With this, all my online products have been received from Qoo10!
With a free sample given too.

Overall I had spent on about $30 on cosmetics this month (on only online shopping).

I'm actually planning to get a portable battery charger for my S3. Then I can just charge at the Japanese class and kinda save on the electricity cost and also to make sure my battery life doesn't go until 5% again. -.-
(Thanks to my class whom I have learnt this leeching way from.)
It had sucked big time. I was so worried whether I would have some bat left to call/sms my contacts.
And there was a Group Sale on Qoo10 on a portable battery. . . 
But anyway, I'm considering. Maybe I'll buy that next month since I have TOTALLY and certainly busted my budget for this month. (Which means I only have to wait till tomorrow!)
You can't believe me. 
I had spent about 
Unbelievable right!
I can't even have thought it possible to spend so much. (show you a screenshot later on :D)
But I had.
Urg. And I had gotten a scolding. :P
Ahh, the temptations of spending.

back to more serious business. 
Tomorrow is the day. 
1st March.
A levels results.
J3s gathering back into the hall in the afternoon.
The piece of paper that would decide everything for the next 4 years.
Am I nervous now?
Hahaha, not really. In fact I'm looking onto Qoo10 and just clicking on the "Add to Cart" option and not planning to buy, just to satisfy my craving without spending any money.
Perhaps it is later on, when I have the letter and when I have to open it, which is when I will be as nervous as hell but not now. 
Like my friend said today, 
I live in the present.
How true for me too.

Anyways, wish me luck!
Cause if I get good results,
Mum says can have 
when I return home.
Pizza Hut Big Box.
I wannnnnnnnnnnnt~~~
I'm such a pig.
But in a family of pigs, such things are always welcome. 

Ja Mata Ashita!