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Groupon "Buffet" @ Big Bites.
Monday, March 4, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
Hey and yo to you all!
I'mmmmmmm back!
And this time, it's for food!

~~** I am not paid to review this place, cause like, it's not as if I'm a WORLDFAMOUSBLOGGERLIKEOMG right?**~~

Our "Buffet" Dinner @:

There's a (sort of bitchy) story behind this but let's go onto the food first alright?

This is situated in Little India (like, duh). 
Location and website is written at the bottom of the post.

Let's go to the Pros first, cause the food deserves it.
Number 1 thing to note though: this is a PURELY VEGETARIAN restaurant. 
Not that I mind. Indian cuisines do a mean vege meal.

We had ordered the bread basket and the naan

Plus the sauces


The sauces were great!
Me and Mum were gushing over them. 
Creamy, thick and just full of flavour!

For about $7-9 a plate, 
I would think it is worth it. The quality. . . Oiishi~!
Come on, paired with the freshly made naan, what more could a gal who was drooling ask for?


These sauces were just enough for a 4 person dining with stomachs ready for some fooooooood~!

I would recommend coming here again, just to taste the thick sauces! 
If you ain't wanting gravy, you ain't wanting BB!

Now here comes the Cons:
We were introduced here because Mum bought the Groupon voucher for the buffet.
So we were like (or rather, I was like) OHYEAH! BUFFET!

And then when we arrived, we were told, the buffet was only for 

Did you catch that?
Well, then I'll just have to say again. No prob.

The buffet voucher was only for 

Got the idea?

Only for the breads. 
Seriously, I feel so cheated for Mum.
I mean, yes, it is good to advertise their restaurant via social media but is it even cost effective for customers?

How much could we eat for breads? Carbo carbo carbo and more freaking carbo.
If by looking as a customer point of view, I don't feel the whole package of the Groupon voucher for this "buffet" was worth it.

Excluding the cost needed to pay for the vouchers, overall cost was ~$45 for 4 people.


Leaving a phrase before going to say ta-ta.
 Just remember to TRULY LOOK at the fine print. 
Companies and what-not are like the devil at using fine print for their own good.

Opening Hours
8.30am - 10.30pm
2. No. 77 High Street, #01-04 High Street Plaza, Singapore 19433.(ph 63362864)
3. No. 18 Raffles Quay, #01-93 Lau Pa Sat, Singapore 048582
4. No. 10 Sengkang Square, #01-12 Singapore 544829
5. Tampines Mall, Stall No. 17 level 4, Singapore 559510
6. Jurong Point, Stall No. 6 Kopitiam , Singapore 648886
CALL-62976297, 82689382

We went to No. 1

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