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{{{Adventure}}} MUSTAFA CENTRE!
Thursday, July 18, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
My first time actually going there alone (yeah yeah. Give me all those Forever Alone crap because it's so damn true! TT__TT I feel so sad....)

Took a bus and walked only for a while before I saw

Everything also have, 
Anything also can find,

Me likes it a lot!

Lines and lines of grocery items. 
So many things to buy!

My shopping basket!

The toilet in the new extension.
Much much better than last time. (toilet freak)

And the lighting is so nice, as demonstrated by the vain self pose above. HAHAHA

After that, I walked. And ended up in front of 

Seriously. I can't even get lost even if I (not) wanted to. 
They're so close to each other! I didn't even need to ask for directions or check the Google Maps. 
Score 1 for me.

Uniqlo is permeating every new mall in Singapore.
It's no longer fresh & new anymore.

In the end, I'd gotten spices (Indian, duh.), dates & coconut oil for some raw desserts!, snacks and a facial scrub. 
Haha, that was random. -w-

And that was that. A very short trip to Mustafa alone, and to kill time.
REALLY USEFUL TO KILL TIME HERE. It's like a candy land. But you're not eating the candy. You're BUYING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell yeah!