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Will you still love me. . .
Thursday, July 18, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
I was watching the Dream Makers on Channel 8.

And there came the portion in the episode.
The divorce.
The husband cheated on her.
She found out.
He stopped the affair.
She kept mum.
She begun compulsively checking his stuff, secretly.
He realised it, but didn't say a word.
A misunderstanding between an innocent third party.
The talk.
The mention of divorce.

When I looked at the scene where she tries to hold back her tears, but failing, I was brought back to another drama The Fierce Wife. The same thing happened. 

And that just punched me in my gut. 
Imagine, a loving relationship of so many years broken because of an act of violation--a violation of trust. Once a trust is broken, it is very very very difficult to be gained back again. What's more is it was between husband & wife who promised to belong to each other till death do them apart.

I admit, I love romance novels; they all have happy endings for the hero and heroine. I love such novels because reality isn't all that blissful. Divorce happens. Cheating happens. 

I don't condone divorce. If the spouse has a heavy hand, I'm not the one saying that it is a must to stay together. Abusive relationships are a definite no-no. But what about when two parties do love each other, but one still cheats?

Would it be considered that the cheater had even loved the partner? It would seem to me that the cheater loves the thrill more than the person. 

It just boggles the mind when the cheating happens and one still decides to stay with that person. If the victim is a mother, there probably can be no other option without the threat of stigma. But still, to stay together, live together and find trust with the very person who had lied, cheated with a third party makes me feel so humbled. Always harboring, always remembering the incident.

If I was in that situation. . . what would I do?
I am unclear. 
With my personality as forgetting but not easily forgiving, I find it a bitter pill to swallow, especially when we would see each other day-in and day-out. Perhaps, just that one time would have poisoned the entire bond that we may have shared.  (And now I'm talking in past tense. Haha..)
Perhaps just once is really one too many time for me. 
Perhaps I would wish we had not married at all.
Perhaps I would even wish we had never met at all.

It just feels so sad when something like this happens.