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Round up on Japanese touring for July!
Friday, July 12, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
I think I hadn't been talking about this on my blog yet but I've recently been helping out to bring Japanese high school students (just 1/2 years younger than me) about Singapore! Or more specifically, about the areas near Orchard. Hahaha!

Really thanks to Isabel, who intro-ed this job to me and our other Japanese classmates! These groupings really helped/forced me/made me realise how much my Japanese was not connected at all! (>__<) Aw man. I really guess I should buckle up and converse more. *sigh*

This year was the first time I've joined this, but it seems as if it has been held for quite a number of years already. I wonder HOWONEARTHDIDINOTNOTICEJAPANESESTUDENTSCOMINGTOSINGAPOREEVERYJULYLIKEBUCKLOTSOFWATER. How?! HOW?! 
~~*still a little girl in la-la land *~~~

My first was an all girls grouping. Very cute!

They all wanted to go to Arab Street for perfume. ARAB STREET?! Mental breakdown. Mass texting to my family on how to get there. Panic button Switched On. Asked random people for directions. Walked. Walked and sweating like a pig. Reached. YEAH!

And when we went there, the store owner knew how to speak Japanese! Charmed the girls *grins* They bought pretty looking bottles and nice smelling perfume. The owner also gave each of us, ME INCLUDED!!, a small fruit perfume: orange, strawberry mix. *Happy* I own a perfume!

We were together almost half the day, brought them to Arab Street, then to Bugis Street where they bought matching Simpsons dress/jacket. Simpsons! I didn't realise that they were cute lol. Bad mouthed, but funny. Sometimes. If I can bear to watch them.
And after a bout of SHOPPING at Bugis and at the supermarket below the hotel (cause we were toooooo early), we went to the meeting point back at the hotel, said our bye byes and TOOK PHOTO as a farewell thingy.

Plus I got a post card of the tallest tower in Japan! :D


My second was a mix, girls and guys included.
They are all from the same class, but as we all know, not those in the same class are super close with each other. *cue the sad music* But still, they so shy shy one lor. Haha.
Again, our places of interest was Bugis Street/Arab Street. Brought them to see the mosque at Arab.

I didn't realise we could go in at all! But it was only when I saw Isa and she standing outside the mosque that I got informed. Haha, I also brought them to the perfume shop, JR Aromatics, as I did with the previous group but the interest was really really diminished. Perhaps the store didn't capture much attention for them (I went to a different store with the same name. There are 3 stores in Arab Street having the same name. OMG That just totally boggles my mind!) or perhaps perfume shopping wasn't on their itinerary at all. :{

Oh! I had also brought them to try Yakun Toast. We ordered Kaya toast + Butter & Sugar toast. The rest like the Kaya, only 1 person liked the Butter/Sugar combi. :D He likes sweet stuff.
Anyway, after that, we went to eat dessert (Snow-flake desserts) with a mix of Chinese dessert paste @ ChinaTown and they bought some souvenirs at the stores there. We ate lunch at the hawker centre on the 2nd floor. Then we went back to the hotel. I only had them for 4 hours?
The guys were coooooooooooool. The girls were cute! But I still feel a bit bad because they didn't buy a lot (>=>)



The 3rd was from an all girls' school. So needless to say, mine was all

かわいい でしょう?!Their uniform are soooooooo cute. Much better than ours lol.
I bought them to buy some snacks and souvenirs @ (you guessed it) Bugis area. We didn't eat lunch together because they were going to eat when they met back at their meeting point, which was Ion. So I was just bringing them about see her and see there.

Still not really much on scenery-looking though.

We spoke mainly English, cause that was what they were wanting to practice on. So, English it was.


And today was my 4th time attempting to be a better guide (still not really reaching there yet though).

Today was a 6 hours of let's-bring-them-about-under-the-hot-sun-and-let-them-complain-and-after-that-treat-them-to-our-cold-blast-of-air-con!
So after meeting them at the hotel lobby,

where all the guides walked into the ballroom filled with tables of students and we lined up to like "collect our food" haha. We made our way out with our own groupings. Mine was all guys. :P
This time round, there were more guys than girls in the trip so that was why. 
So first up was Chinatown for some serious SOUVENIRS shopping! Then cold dessert. They like the mango and ichigo ones. *peace sign* 
After that, when the clock hit 12pm, we hit Bugis Street to do some shopping. Howeeeeeeeeever, Bugis Street was always catered to females. Guy's clothings......well, there wasn't much. 

And along the way, I HAD LOST 2 OF MY MEMBERS. I.was.seriously.freaking.out.
What if they kenna abducted or something because of their cuteness?!---That thought was thrown out as soon as it got in. But where could they have gone?! So I walked the 1st floor few times. OMG IT IS A MAZE. I felt like Roronoa Zoro. (>;;<) Then I went up to 2nd floor. Then 3rd floor. NOPE. 

And when I met up with the other 3 people, these 2 popped out of nowhere. LIKE MAGIC. Seriously. 
I wasn't mad. I wasn't even extremely worried. I was pissed. I was pissed at myself being so COCK-EYED. How on Earth did I not manage to spot them?! Grrrrrrrr. In their hands spotted a new plastic bag too. (=.=)
But after all that walking, I NEEDED TO REFUEL. No thanks to the Crepe shop at 1st floor that tempted me each time I walked by while searching. I'm still waiting to eat a creeeeppppppeeee.....
Ate at Bugis Junction, by which I found they all ate the Japanese style of hot-plate noodles. Not really adventurous in food eh.
Got time to kill, so we walked about Bugis+ and entered the arcade while in the midst still searching for Men's clothings. Haha, I think it was out of luck for them to have a female guide.

We played Air hockey! I won a match, and was real close to winning another. :P 
It's been a long time since I'd entered an arcade. I was surprised they even walked in and took a look inside. 
Then it was nearing time to go back to their meeting point. Brought them there and took our pictures for memories.


How did I feel about the past 4 tourings?
- Need to really adapt where I should bring them
-Need to improve my Japanese!
-Need to let them try new food
-Need to know more places where Guy's stuff are being sold. *laughs*
Even with the other small troubles, I still think it had been a worthwhile experience to try and look something in my country with a different pair of eyes and to have a (sort-of) cultural/language exchange.
Of course, hopefully by next time, I should be fully prepared and not being in a panic mode on where to go and where to do at where.