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{Daiso} Haul + Battery Charger~
Thursday, March 7, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
The bright store sign just calls me into it.
I hear my name being announced from it's speaker system, saying
" エドナ, GET THE HELL IN."

Could I ever resist


What did you buy there?
It's Daiso. What can I not freaking buy at Daiso?!
Seriously, that question is so irrelevant!

 The few things that I have bought with a time limit of 15 minutes.
4 items in total.
A lunch box that I can bring about, and save on lunch costs.
Box and sewing scissors for my sewing crafts.
I was laughed at for using "scissors for cutting meat for cloth". 
But I've gotten the last laugh. Hah!
I had a near breakdown when I spied this on the racks along the Cooking section.
My eyes almost popped out.

Look at this!

I mean, just look at it!!
How many spoons can you spot??!
There's one for 1/4 tbsp, 1/2 tbsp, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup and so on.
I freaking trembled. 
Outward, I may have remained calm and poise but inside, I was like SHIT!SHIOK!
Hell yeah.

And when I went home, 
I got another surprise waiting for me.
My portable charger from Qoo10!
I bought it for ~SGD$27 inclusive for shipping costs.
I bought it as a Group Buy, so it was cheaper than usual.
Technically, I had to wait for the orders to be consolidated on 6 March which will be sent out on that day. I had ordered like on 3 March and waited till the 6th.
I'd received it today (7 March). 
Delivery was really fast if I just consider the time the seller had sent out and the time I had received it.

My champagne colour-ed charger! 
It looks like a very light gold.

To be used for my S3 that sucks like crazy when I switch on the Data for radio. 
I'm like WHAT?! at the end of the day. -.-

The cute instruction manual in Chinese 
whose characters are too small to even be read properly.
At least, at least, there are pictures. And it's coloured.

I haven't used it yet; haven't even charged it yet. Going to do it tomorrow at my Japanese class. Haha!

~~**Again, it's not as if I'll be earning any commission or anything. **~~

Well, that's all for today.
Geez, it's all shopping again.