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Thursday, March 14, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
Tis the bane of the human life.
Not greed, not vanity, not narcissism, not bees, not lizards, not ants but cockroaches.
Is there any one in the entire world (who is sane) that likes or even remotely are neutral to them?!

I hate them with a passion.
Those wriggly feelers and black almost indestructible bodies that have to be whacked several times 
in order to kill them. 
Gosh, they make me have goosebumps. 

Shouts in our household whenever the black thing appears.
The worst part when our hero is not there to kill them 
is when there are flying cockroaches about. 
And those small baby roaches.

I want to shift to a higher level!!
Living on the first/ground floor is torment for me and mum and bro.
Avoiding that area until our hero comes back home.

Am I going to grace torment you with a picture of it?
You should thank me. 

I just hate them with a passion.
Some would say hatred is because one has loved another before but make no mistake,
I do love.
I love for them to die out.

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