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{{ SOW }} 30/7- 3/8 + FIC + Flag Day
Monday, August 5, 2013 | Posted by En | 0 comment/s
SOW = Science Orientation Week.
It's definitely official. I had gotten my Matriculation Card and I'll be majoring in...... Applied Maths/Statistics! (still undecided in the actual major. :P)

I had gotten sun burnt after returning from this camp. A 5D4N camp. The first day was quite quiet and contained. The last day ... heck care. *laughs*  

Day 1

Meeting of new people/friends. 
Ice breakers / Dry Games.
And the dreaded mass dances.
As an OGL doing the dance, I could be more hyper than the me actually learning the dance because I had no practice at all! Difficult to follow the steps, let alone remember them!

Now look at my blur face. 

Day 2

Wet games day. So chio sia~~

Whereas I was standing under my self made shade while I watched others play. I was tired and hot. And fat, by the L mansize of my shirt -.-

There were also new experiences in this camp for me. SP. Secret Partner. It happened at night. Blindfolded, the girls sat down first in a row. We wore tags with our "names" on them.

Yours truly :)

The next day, we got to know our SP. Haha. Damn awkward at the first moment but after thattttt......
M I N D G A M E S .  I have found myself to be madly in love with mind games, and playing them with others. It's definitely a great way to kill time and a great way to break the ice!

A few games I have learnt just in this camp:
- Light bounces
- Maa maa jumps over the wall
- Cut a string into half
- Johnny Woosh
- Open or Close
- Sofa cannot touch, Birds can touch
- Using the hand to ask a question

DAY 5 

Tis was the day the Xu Lao Shi cheer went totally viral throughout the whole camp. 

 ❤ XU LAO SHI!!!!!!! cheer    

 Thanks to the singlet that they gave, my shoulders are painful. Got a dark colouring about my limbs *peace* Haha.  
But I'd also gotten a sun burnt patch on my shoulderS.
Beach day on the last day

The finale on the last day. Few songs by a very talented NUS band. The two singers voices were very nice. Well sounding and deep.
Found a random clown nose in the hall, which by the way, reminded me of my primary school hall. 
Small, cramped and with thick white lines about the hall.
"Assemble and quickly sit down!"
Primary school days. So nostalgic. 

And even after the SOW, there's still more! The Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony (FIC) where the desserts were just super delicious, a whole world away from the bento in the camp.
The XU LAO SHI cheer. OMG. I love that. It's definitely viral. If the cheer was pasted on Youtube..... WHAT FUN IT WOULD BE!

And tomorrow will be Flag Day. Another day of photos~!


Meeting up @ Macs in the morning = BREAKFAST @ MACS!!
before starting the day off.
7am assemble (supposedly. :P)
7pm end (supposedly. :D)

Sleep deprived after this. 

But it's not over. There was still Night Rider~!